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Christopher Cornell was born in Dallas, TX and has been a lifelong resident of east Dallas and an active member of the local community.

Christopher earned his bachelor’s degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, majoring in American, European, and Middle Eastern History, with minors in political science, art, and art history. At Trinity he was president of Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society and a research assistant in the history department.

After Trinity, Christopher studied in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews, where he earned a master’s degree in Modern Middle Eastern History with an emphasis on Iran and Persian/Farsi language.

Following graduate school, Christopher returned to Dallas where he was hired by Southern Methodist University to work for the financial aid in IT and Federal regulatory compliance. While working at SMU Christopher also earned his JD degree from SMU Law, took and passed the Texas Bar exam, and then earned a LLM degree at SMU Law and with a focus on regulatory, business, and transactional law.

At SMU Christopher served on the editorial board of the SMU International Law Review Association and as the review’s Canada Reporter. As Canada Reporter, he was one of a small number of students nationwide chosen to have a series of law journal articles published while they are still in law school. In this position he had four peer-reviewed academic journal articles published (and one reprinted). Christopher was also chosen to intern at the Center for Advanced Due Diligence Studies and contribute an academic article to the center’s 2016 scholarly journal.

Christopher was also a Faculty Research Fellow at the SMU Underwood Law Library where he worked as a research assistant on many varied legal research projects for members of the law faculty. Christopher also served for four years as a member of the law school and the SMU-wide student governments. Upon graduation, Christopher was one of a select few graduating students from across the university to be decorated with SMU’s highest honor, the M Award.

Before joining Hyde & Swigart, Christopher worked for a consulting firm as a legal consultant, helping a number of corporate clients stay in compliance with the rules and regulations that apply in their fields.


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