Are Debt Collectors Contacting You At Your Place Of Employment After You Have Requested Them To Stop?

Debt collectors will routinely contact consumers at their place of employment in an effort to collect a debt. Debt collectors engage in this manner because they are aware that most consumers cannot take personal calls at work. Because debt collectors […]

What Is A Voluntary Repossession?

I CAN MAKE THE CAR PAYMENTS OR I CAN MAKE THE REPAIR PAYMENTS, I CAN’T AFFORD BOTH! VOLUNTARY REPOSSESSION Often times the defects, which occur shortly after the purchase, can be very expensive to repair. If the dealership refuses to […]


Volkswagen America CEO Departs Amid Emissions Scandal

Law360, New York (March 9, 2016, 8:12 PM ET) -- Volkswagen AG's top U.S. executive, Michael Horn, embroiled for the past five months in a massive controversy over the company’s alleged cheating of emissions standards through software installed in its [...]

Head of VW’s U.S. Unit Is Out, Dealers Are Alarmed

Originally published via New York Times The head of Volkswagen’s American operations, a central figure in the carmaker’s effort to repair relations with dealers and customers after an emissions scandal, unexpectedly stepped down on Wednesday. The sudden departure of the [...]



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