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Debt Defense

If you been sued by a debt collector or what has come to be known as a “debt buyer,” this commentary is for you.  While many people do not realize it, that buyers purchase “bad debt” for pennies on the dollar.  They view this as an investment.  Then they go out and try to collect this bad debt that they purchased so cheaply from you.  Typically, a debt buyer wants you to believe it is the original creditor, and that it has something significant invested. Collecting from you is easy if you bury your head in the sand rather than deal with this people. This will help your deal with them.

Debt Collection

Debt collection is an interesting topic. While many do not realize it, by law a debt collector can be not only what we normally think of as a debt collector-that is-someone hired to send out letters and make telephone calls, a debt collector can also be an attorney or lawyer, repossession agency, debt negotiation firms, mediators, private investigation firms, and many other entities. Debt collectors often want to fool you into believing that they are not that collectors under the law.

Should I be answering my telephone?

It is a common question. But that collectors harassing you. It has gotten to the point where you are afraid to answer the phone. The question is, what should you do? If you are being harassed by a debt collector it is only natural to want to avoid the abuse. However, this is not always the best approach. First of all, let us be honest, you are paying for that phone. Do you really want to be afraid of it? Furthermore, when you are afraid to answer your phone you are giving into the abusive debt collection. And there is no reason for it. The law protects you.



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